Comfort Mat SOFT WAVE EXPERT 15 mm


Comfort Mat SOFT WAVE EXPERT 15 (2nd layer). Comming from the professional sound recording studio, it is the best 15 mm sound absorber on the market that is successfully used in the car. Thanks to adding  of low molecular weight polymers, it was possible to give the material unique acoustic and performance features. The mounting layer is made of moisture resistant glue.

Soft Wave EXPERT is a sound-absorbing and sealing material capable of providing maximum noise absorption in a wide frequency range due to the wavy surface, the unique combination of an open-cell microporous elastic structure and high density. The “shape-memory” feature of the material, along with the necessary softness, allows the SoftWave EXPERT to be installed even in the tightest places.

– increased durability and wear resistance in combination with a soft elastic structure,
– excellent noise absorbing,
– shape-memory effect.

Thickness – 15 mm,
Sheet size – 700 x 1000 mm,
Sheet weight – 0,39  kg,
Weight – 0,56  kg/m2,
Water proof material – NO;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 2nd layer.
15 pcs in one pack.
Price is for 1pc.

Place to use:
Door cards
Wheel arches
Trunk lid
Engine firewall
Inside tires

EAN 4640107332565


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Comfort Mat SOFT WAVE EXPERT 15 mm