Comfort Mat GRILLON tape 1,6 mm (15x5000mm)


GRILLON TAPE is a 1.6 mm thick (15 mm wide) anticreak material made to getting rid of squeaks in the joints of plastic elements in the car interior. Produced in 5 meter rolls. In addition, Grillon can be used for sealing air vents. The material should be mounted on a clean, dry surfaces.

Thickness – 1,6 mm,
Tape size – 15 x 5000 mm,
Water proof glue,
Water proof material – NO,
Weight – 0,035 kg,
Adhesion – 3 N / cm,
Price is for 1pc.

EAN 4640107332411


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Comfort Mat GRILLON tape 1,6 mm (15x5000mm)