Comfort Mat DOOR KIT


This KIT is made for 2 doors.

KIT consists of:
– VESPA 50×35 cm – 8 pcs,
– INTEGRA 50×35 cm – 4 pcs,
– SOFT WAVE 70×50 cm – 2 pcs.

Size of the box: 53,5x37x9,5 cm.
Weight: 8 kg.

Advantages of our DOOR KIT, compairing to the competitors:
– First set with 2,5mm deadening mat. All competitors have thinner mats.
– First set with multilayer isolator. All competitors have single layer isolator.
– First set with WAVE type soft mat. All competitors have flat type soft mat.
– Price. We did our best to make the best door kit with competitive price.

Please note, that DOOR KIT for German market is different from this on.


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Comfort Mat DOOR KIT