Comfort Mat BLOCKSHOT 8 mm


Comfort Mat BLOCKSHOT  is a multi-layer material with an acoustic membrane. The material is totally water proof with a great adhesion due to a sealant type glue. Used as a second layer.
It consists of 3 layers: a membrane with high density acoustic mastic, sound absorbing material and adhesive sealant.
Thanks to the sound isolating membrane, BLOCKSHOT blocks noises up to 80%, preventing them from getting into the car interior.

Main features of Blockshot:
– High level of noise level reduction – up to 30 dB
– Convenience and fast installation
– Can be mounted on vertical areas
– Water proof, high adhesion sealant glue
– Does not absorb moisture

Thickness – 8 mm,
Sheet size – 500 x 700 mm,
Sheet weight – 1,8  kg,
Weight – 5,14  kg/m2,
Adhesion – 6-8 N / cm,
Water proof material – YES;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 2nd layer.
5 pcs in one pack.

Place to use:
Interior and trunk floor
Engine firewall
Wheel arches

EAN 4640107332466


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Comfort Mat BLOCKSHOT 8 mm